Center For Multimedia Communication

Directed by Dr. Joseph Cavallaro, the Center for Multimedia Communication at Rice University has become a powerful influence in research worldwide.  Using a multidisciplinary approach, the CMC conducts basic theoretical and experimental research that leads the transformation of wireless communications and networking by bringing together expertise from computer networking, signal processing, optics, applied mathematics, and computer engineering.


A core group of faculty works with many associated research faculty, postdocs, and full-time graduate students in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.  The CMC’s research initiatives include advanced physical layer algorithms, VLSI architectures for wireless communications, novel MAC protocols, and efficient routing algorithms for wireless networks. In addition, successful collaborations with affiliated faculty members contribute to significant advances in a new generation of products ranging  from personal and business consumer products to life-saving medical imaging devices.

As new communications and networking technologies emerge, the CMC encourages the development of the next generation of visionaries who show promise as technical leaders who will shape the future of communications technology and engineering education. 

Rice University’s Center For Multimedia Communication