Argos: Realizing Massive-MIMO

The capacity of traditional singleuser wireless systems is exclusively limited by the available spectrum and transmission power. Recent developments in information theory, however, have shown that such capacity limitations can be overcome by improving the spatial reuse efficiency through multiuser multipleinput multipleoutput (MUMIMO) technology, or its special form called multiuser beamforming (MUBF). In the Argos project we develop new techniques that enable hundreds of antennas to be deployed on base stations, resulting in enormous network capacity gains. We use the WARP platform to build the first realworld prototypes of a manyantenna MUBF base station and experimentally evaluate its performance. Our research demonstrates the feasibility of manyantenna base stations, and is designed to motivate industry adoption of this promising technology in the near future.

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ARGOS is led by graduate student Clayton Shepard under Prof. Lin Zhong, with collaboration with graduate students Hang Yu and Narendra Anand and industrial researchers from Bell Labs, Alcatel Lucent.

Graduate Student Abeer Javed

Graduate Student Pu Dong

Graduate Student Clayton Shepard

Graduate Student Narendra Anand

Professor Edward Knightly

Professor Lin Zhong

Graduate Student Evan Everett


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"ArgosV2: A Flexible Many-Antenna Research Platform,"Extended Abstract for demonstration in Proc. ACM Int. Conf. Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom) - Clayton Shepard, Hang Yu, and Lin Zhong, 2013

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Argos: Practical Many-Antenna Base Stations," in Proc. ACM Int. Conf. Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom) - Clayton Shepard, Hang Yu, Narendra Anand, Erran Li, Thomas Marzetta, Richard Yang, Lin Zhong, 2012



NSF grants CRI 0751173, MRI 0923479, NetSE 101283, MRI 1126478, CNS 1018292, and CNS 1218700

ASEE-NDSEG fellowship