Full-duplex Wireless

Most wireless networks are in-band half-duplex, i.e., they send or receive in either orthogonal time-slots (TDD) or frequency bands (FDD). In 2010, we re-purposed off-the-shelf MIMO radios used in WARP platform to develop an in-band full-duplex wireless communication system. Combining a mix of experiment-driven data modeling and information-theoretic analysis, we have shown that full-duplex is a definite reality for short to medium range communications.


Melissa Duarte initiated full-duplex research at Rice with experiments applying radar techniques for canceling self-interference to wireless LAN radios. Following on Duarte's work, Achaleshwar Sahai studies the network-scale benefits of full-duplex, Evan Everett studies spatial self-interference suppression, Jingwen Bai analyses schemes for managing the added network interference that full-duplex introduces, and David Ramirez studies full-duplex resource allocation. Also contributing: Ashutosh Sabharwal, Gaurav Patel, Brett Kaufman.

Graduate Student Xing Zhang

Graduate Student Andrew Kwong

Graduate Student Xu Du

Alumnus Sid Gupta

Professor Joseph Cavallaro

Graduate Student Bei Yin

Research Engineer Gaurav Patel

Graduate Student David Ramirez

Graduate Student Brett Kaufman

Graduate Student Jingwen Bai

Alumnus Achaleshwar Sahai

Professor Ashutosh Sabharwal

Graduate Student Evan Everett


Passive Self Interference Suppression for Full Duplex Infrastructure Nodes - to appear in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Comm. Also on arxiv.

On the Impact of Phase Noise on Active Cancelation in Wireless FullDuplex, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology - Sahai, Patel, Dick, Sabharwal, 2013 (Alternate link)

Design and Characterization of a Full Duplex Multiantenna System for WiFi networks, - to appear in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

Experimentdriven Characterization of Full Duplex Wireless Systems, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications - Duarte, Dick and Sabharwal, 2012 (Alternate link)

Pushing the Limits of Full Duplex: Design and Realtime Implementation, Rice tech report, 2011 (Alternate link)

Full Duplex Wireless Using Offtheshelf MIMO Radios - Asilomar, 2010


National Science Foundation

NSF Large “Foundations for Hierarchical Full-duplex MIMO Networks,” PIs: Ashu Sabharwal, Edward Knightly, Lin Zhong, Suhas Diggavi (UCLA) and Ness Shroff (Ohio State), 2013-2018.


Xilinx Incorporated, 2010-present. PI: Sabharwal

Intel/Verizon Logo

Intel/Verizon Grant, “LAWS: Large Arrays Wide Spectrum,” PIs: Suhas Diaggavi (UCLA), Ashu Sabharwal and Lin Zhong.


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